BG Technologies market a wide variety of products under the brand name "BG Bond".The company develops and manufactures innovative, high quality products and markets while providing continuous service and support.BG Technologies produce a wide range of high quality water based acrylic emulsions for different industries.The company has a highly developed and innovative R & D, which is engaged in developing new products and adapting existing products to changing needs costumer's changing needs.

Our extensive knowledge and experience ensures high quality products specifically designed to meet specific expectations.

B.G manufacture innovative, superior polymers with precise properties to meet the specific technology requirements. These polymers have a specific level of foaming, hardness, elongation, tensile strength, flexibility, solvent resistance and hydrophilicity.

TexFron is a unique, fully polymerized, non-leaching bromine environmentally acceptable system. TexFron P is a wash durable water based brominated acrylate copolymer with the following properties:

B.G produce high quality polymers for textile printing from very soft to very stiff polymers with improved adhesion and film properties for textile and textile printing industries. Due to their unique structure, these polymers offers special properties such as highly flexible with low tackiness, better washing stability and permeation properties.

We produce a wide range of polymers with specificproperties designed for a variety of industries.

Our acrylic additives for mortars and plasters are famous in Israel. We produce special emulsions to cement based products. These additives add special advantages including strength and durability, resistance to water and solvents, firmness or softness, improves flexibility, increase dimensional stability and bonding strength.

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